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Nanamaker, Benjamin. 2005. Emergent gameplay the limits of ludology and narratology in analyzing video game narrative.
von: Max de Molière 2010-11-19 14:04:05
Kategorie(n): Computerspielphilologie/GameStudies
Autor(en): Nanamaker
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My thesis seeks to analyze the intended and unintended gameplay modes present in the two video games in the Halo series from a ludological and narratological perspective. In doing so, I hope to show the strengths and, more importantly, the shortcomings of these two approaches. I then suggest a new method for analyzing video games, by situating each gameplay mode present in a game on a spectrum ranging from completely narrative and non-interactive texts (like film, novels, television) to completely game-like and interactive texts. The most accurate analysis of gameplay and narrative in a video game comes from looking at all possible gameplay modes and comparing them to each other.
von: Max de Molière

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